• Healthcare Heroes

    by Blaise R. Meeker, Attorney at Law

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    We at BMB Law give our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the front-line nurses and doctors navigating these uncertain times with fortitude, compassion and perseverance. We understand that you are having to balance the needs and health of your loved ones with the task of providing critical care for the endless needs of your patients during these challenging times.

    Doctors and nurses have the same obligations to themselves as they do to their patients. Care for your patient’s well-being is not optional, it’s a moral requirement. As the rest of us have retreated into our safe homes for the past several weeks, you have had to run toward the fire, and into the trenches, with unwavering courage to provide life saving care on a daily basis. You have all had to make the difficult decision of selflessness over your own self-preservation, and for that we are very appreciative of your service.

    As several of the attorneys at BMB have family members and loved ones on the front lines, we truly understand the difficult position that you are faced with during this global pandemic. If there is anything that we at BMB can do to assist you during this time, to make your numerous trials and tribulations easier, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime.

    It is truly evident that the heroes of today don’t wear capes, but scrubs, masks and gowns, and BMB Law salutes each and every one of you for what you have done and will continue to do for our community.