7 Steps to Take in an Auto Accident

by Blaise R. Meeker, Attorney at Law

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Auto Accidents by the Numbers

In 2019, there were 6-million traffic accidents in the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – that’s an average of nearly 16,500 each day. About 6% of these accidents result in at least one death and more than 74% were injured seriously enough to require medical attention. (Source: National Safety Council | www.nsc.org)

In the Buckeye State, nearly 1,100 people died in traffic accidents last year. Despite these statistics, only 20 percent of those injured in an auto accident take the proper steps to protect themselves due to others’ negligence.

The fact is, accidents happen. But then what?

Protect Your Rights by Following 7 Easy Steps:

STEP 1: Call 9-1-1 and Make a Report

After being involved in a vehicle accident, always stop! No matter how minor the accident, a failure to stop can lead to serious criminal consequences.

  1. Move to safety and check for injuries
  2. Call 911 and Report
    – State and local police officers are trained, accident investigators.
    – The report will show accident circumstances
    – This will speed up the claims process

STEP 2: Take Pictures

Everyone has a smartphone today – use it!
Take pictures of:

  1. The damage to all vehicles involved.
  2. The location of all vehicles involved.
  3. Any debris on the roadway.
  4. Location of any traffic signals or stop/traffic signs.
  5. Any injuries you have sustained

STEP 3: Get Information

  1. Don’t trust your memory.
  2. Collect important information.

SCENE: Date, time, location, weather conditions, traffic conditions, road markings/signs/signals.

VEHICLES: Make, model, color, condition, estimated speeds, direction of travel, use of lights/indicators, # of passengers.

PEOPLE: Contact details and insurance information of driver and passengers, pedestrians/witnesses, crash report, witness report or other law enforcement documentation. information.

DAMAGE: description of each vehicle and injuries to people

STEP 4: Limit Discussion

  1. ONLY discuss the accident with the police, your insurance agent, and your lawyer.
  2. DON’T admit fault or make other implicative statements to the police or other parties involved.

STEP 5: Seek Medical Care

  1. Get medical attention to anyone who needs it.
    – visit the emergency room at your local hospital.
    – If there are serious injuries, call an ambulance ASAP.
  2. Pain or soreness may appear or worsen a few days after the accident – be vigilant!
    – Especially neck and back pain/stiffness
  3. Keep a journal documenting all the medical care you receive.

STEP 6: Contact BMB Law

  1. The sooner your lawyer is brought in on the accident, the better he/she can advise you and protect your rights.
    – Your attorney can help to better preserve evidence and make early contact with insurance companies.
  2. A BMB attorney will fight for the victim/client or his/her family to receive compensation for damages, including:
    – Lost Wages
    – Medical Expenses
    – Pain and Suffering

STEP 7: Stay in Contact

  1. Your attorney will need to speak with you regularly about the progress of your case.
    – Good communication is vitally important.
  2. Contact your attorney regularly to communicate about:
    – Medical appointment
    – Medical treatment/medications received
    – Check the status of your case

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